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Neuroshop Micromarkets

Making shopping experiences more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone.

Neuroshop fridges

How it works

  • Start purchase

    The user scans QR-code with mobile app or touch their credit card to POS

  • Open and take

    The user opens the device and takes any items they wish

  • Enjoy

    The micromarket detects what user took and charges them automatically

The purchase takes around 30 seconds
Watch a short video of how this happens

Transform Your Business with Smart Micromarkets

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our micromarkets offer quick, easy, and engaging interactions, ensuring frictionless experience.

Our AI-driven system ensures optimal inventory levels, providing real-time updates and predictive restocking, saving you time and money.

Data-Driven Insights

Comprehensive analytics helps you understand customer preferences, and popular products to tailor your offerings and boost sales.

Seamless Integration

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, our micromarkets integrate effortlessly into any environment.

Robust Security Features

From secure transactions to anti-theft systems, we prioritize the safety of your business and the trust of your customers.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our team ensures your micromarkets run smoothly, providing regular updates, maintenance, and customer service.

Customizable Smart Devices for Every Need

  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Ambient Case
  • Coffee Module
Shelves 4-6
Size 218.5x68x70.3 cm
Working temperature 0...+8℃
Energy consumption 130 W/h
Supported scanner technologies RFID, Scales, Neural Vision
  • Black
  • White
Warranty 12 months
Suitable for Ready meals, beverages, sandwiches, desserts etc.
Freezer image
Shelves 4-6
Size 218.5x68x70.3 cm
Working temperature -24...-17℃
Energy consumption 130 W/h
Supported scanner technologies Scales
  • White
Warranty 12 months
Suitable for Frozen meals, ice cream, semi-finished products etc.
Ambient Case image
Shelves 4-6
Size 218.5x68x70.3 cm
Cooling capabilities: only ventilation
Energy consumption 130 W/h
Supported scanner technologies RFID, Scales, Neural Vision
  • Black
  • White
Warranty 12 months
Suitable for Snacks, non-food products
Coffee Module image
Shelves Containers for water and waste
Size 218.5x68x70.3 cm
Coffee machine Coffee machine of your choice
TV 4K TV with app
Energy consumption 130 W/h
  • Any
Warranty 12 months
Suitable for Hot drinks

Produced in EU

SKD assembly is done in Poland. We have all required certifications for EU and can provide additional documents for exporting outside the EU.


Tailor Your Micromarket

Mix and match our devices to create a micromarket that perfectly aligns with your business needs and customer preferences.


Advanced Detection Technologies

neural vision image

Neural Vision

Neural Vision system employs advanced camera technology and AI algorithms to track customer interactions and product selections. Equipped with machine learning capabilities, it distinguishes between different products, ensuring accurate billing.

Best For Any products with distinct packaging.

precision scales image

Precision Scales

Utilizing high-sensitivity sensors, these scales instantly detect even the slightest weight changes. They're calibrated for a wide range of products, from lightweight snacks to heavier beverages.

Best For Calibrated products like bottled beverages, packaged snacks, and uniformly sized items.

precision scales image

RFID Technology

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology offers unparalleled accuracy in tracking inventory, making restocking and management effortless. Each item is tagged with an RFID sticker, allowing for identification and inventory updates as products are taken or restocked.

Best For Packaged goods in non-metallic containers, such as ready meals, sandwiches, salads, and more.

Payment Methods


Mobile App:Convenience at Your Fingertips

The Neuroshop mobile app revolutionises vending machine interactions, offering a swift, secure, and user-friendly payment method.


Benefits: Enhances customer convenience, allows to stay in touch with customers and receive feedback and orders, and encourages repeat usage.


User Flow: Scan the QR code on the micromarket, take any items, and the app automatically processes payment upon closing the machine door.


Best for: Locations that customers visit regularly: business centres, offices, residential buildings, gyms, universities etc.


POS Terminal:Quick one-time purchases

Supports contactless payments, chip and PIN, magnetic stripe cards, and mobile pay options like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.


Benefits: Offers versatility for all customer preferences, ensures quick and secure transactions, and integrates smoothly with existing payment systems.


User Flow: Touch your credit card or smartphone to the POS terminal, take items, and the system processes your payment instantly upon closing the door.


Best for: Locations that customers visit once or infrequently: hotels, airports, train stations, hospitals and so on.

Security Measures

Anti-Theft Mechanism:

  • Pre-authorization payment: you can set the amount that is charged from customer’s credit card before they open the door (optional).

  • Customer rating system automatically enables or disables preauthorization payments and their amount based on customer’s purchase behaviour and history.

  • Optional sensors let you have full control over the device.

  • Integrated sensors (door opening, temperature and wi-fi connectivity) allow to always see that the device is working properly.

  • Debt processing: customers will not be able to make any purchases until they pay outstanding debt, they also get automatic regular debt reminders and are regularly charged the amount they owe.

  • Optional siren that activates if the device is moved or tempered with.

Advanced Payment Security:

End-to-end encryption, fraud detection algorithms, and compliance with global payment security standards.

Neuroshop App


AI-Driven Recommendations

Tailored product suggestions, personalised promotions, and reminders for favourite products.

Simplified Payments

pci_logo visa_logo mc_logo

Compatibility with popular payment systems, secure payment processing, and quick automatic check-out.

User-Friendly Design

Intuitive navigation, clear visual design, and responsive touch controls make the shopping experience quick, seamless and enjoyable.

24/7 Supportschedule_icon

AI-powered support for your customers, and a comprehensive FAQ section.

Loyalty Programs

Fully customizable loyalty programs that allow to promote specific items, increase average check and purchase frequency.

Micromarket locations

Tools that help existing users find your locations wherever they are.

locations image
Bonus balance icon

Bonus balance

In-app bonus wallet that can be used for purchases without money.

Customer Feedback

User-friendly feedback interface and purchase rating system.

Real-Time Notifications

Customizable notification settings, instant updates, and promotional alerts.

Control Panel: Optimise Your Sales and Operations

Real-Time Analytics:
User-friendly dashboard, customizable reports, and data visualization tools.

inventory image

Inventory Management:
Automated Inventory tracking, low-stock alerts, and predictive restocking based on sales patterns.

Remote Monitoring and Control:
Access the control panel from any device, receive instant alerts, and make adjustments on the go.

iPhone image
Laptop picture

Reward programs:
Automated rule-based reward system that includes discounts and cashback rewards.

reward img
Laptop picture

Sales Optimization:
Planogram analysis, price optimization tools, and sales performance tracking.

text input img

Customization and New Features: Ticket system that lets you request new features and we’ll add them

Ideal Locations

  • High-Traffic Venues

    Shopping malls, airports, bus and train stations.

  • Corporate and Office Settings

    Business parks, corporate buildings, offices and co-working spaces.

  • Educational Institutions

    Universities, colleges, and high schools.

  • Healthcare Facilities

    Hospitals, clinics, and wellness centers.

  • Leisure and Recreation Areas

    Gyms and entertainment complexes.

  • Residential Communities

    Apartment complexes, condominiums, hotels and gated communities.

High-Traffic Venues picture

High-Traffic Venues

Shopping malls, airports, bus and train stations.

Corporate and Office picture

Corporate and Office Settings

Business parks, corporate buildings, offices and co-working spaces.

Educational Institutions picture

Educational Institutions

Universities, colleges, and high schools.

Healthcare Facilities picture

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, clinics, and wellness centers.

Leisure and Recreation Areas picture

Leisure and Recreation Areas

Gyms and entertainment complexes.

Residential Communities picture

Residential Communities

Apartment complexes, condominiums, hotels and gated communities.

finance icon

Custom Location Analysis

Neuroshop offers personalised analysis to check how well your selected location will perform with our micromarket.

Supported product range

Ready meals:

Salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, and any other dishes.


Cold beverages, soda, energy drinks, juices, hot drinks.


Chips, chocolate bars, nuts, dried fruit.


Cakes, ice cream, cookies, pastries, sweets.

Semi-finished products:

frozen TV dinners, pizza and any other.

Non-food items:

cosmetics, electronics, household cleaning products and so on.

Roadmap to Success

Step 1: Choose and Order

Our team helps choose devices for your product range and location. The full production cycle, from order to delivery, takes 6-8 weeks, with delivery to your location and SKD assembly in Poland.

Step 2: Select Location

The success of a micromarket heavily depends on its location. We guide you in identifying the most profitable spots.

Step 3: Partner Up with Suppliers

Establish connections with a network of reliable suppliers for a diverse and appealing product range. We help to identify optimal product range based on selected location.

Step 4: Launch Your Business

Neuroshop team helps to set up the micromarket, teaches how to use it and gives access to all our tools that will help you achieve great sales results.

Step 5: Ongoing Support and Growth

Post-launch, Neuroshop continues to provide support to ensure your business thrives. We provide warranty on equipment and regular updates for the software.

Step 6: Achieving Profitability

With the right strategies and support, your micromarket is set to become profitable, often within the first month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Neuroshop micromarkets operate in outdoor settings?

Neuroshop's micromarkets are primarily designed for indoor use but can be adapted for certain outdoor settings with appropriate shelter and security measures. To learn more about limitations and whether your location fits for outdoor installation - get in touch with our Sales team.

Do the Neuroshop micromarkets have warranty?

Neuroshop's micromarkets come with warranty of 12 months. Certain components (like compressor) come with additional warranty of up to 60 months.

Are Neuroshop micromarkets customizable in terms of product offerings?

Yes, Neuroshop micromarkets offer flexible product assortment, allowing owners to customize product offerings based on customer preferences and location demands.

How does Neuroshop handle technical issues or malfunctions with its micromarkets?

Neuroshop provides technical support and maintenance services, with remote troubleshooting capabilities and on-site assistance for resolving any technical issues.

What kind of energy sources do Neuroshop micromarkets use, and are they energy-efficient?

Neuroshop micromarkets are designed to be energy-efficient, using standard electrical connections. Future models may incorporate sustainable energy sources like solar power.

Can Neuroshop micromarkets be integrated with existing point-of-sale systems?

Neuroshop micromarkets are equipped with versatile POS systems that can be integrated with a range of payment processing platforms for seamless transactions. POS systems that are not currently supported may be integrated for an additional cost.

What is Neuroshop's Production cycle and delivery timing?

Neuroshop's full production cycle is 6-8 weeks. Delivery to most places takes 1 week and is handled by us.

Does Neuroshop offer training for new micromarket operators?

Yes, Neuroshop provides comprehensive training and resources to new operators, covering equipment use, inventory management, and best practices for successful operation.

What countries does Neuroshop deliver to?

Neuroshop delivers to all EU countries, Ukraine, UK and UAE. Delivery to other locations is also possible, but has longer timing (up to 2 months) and depends on order size.

Where are Neuroshop micromarkets produced?

Neuroshop micromakets’ SKD assembly is done in Poland. Fridges and freezers for micromarkets are produced in Ukraine.