Smart Coffeemaker from Neuroshop is a great solution for vending business

From offices to big restaurants and even small cafes, it's hard to disagree that great coffee is always a huge plus in a wide variety of situations and places. However, in order to make delicious coffee in these very different places, it is worth looking at commercial coffee machines and what they have to offer you and your customers.


At first glance, making coffee is easy, but instant coffee can never be compared to coffee in commercial coffee machines, because they allow you to make excellent coffee in different places.


Smart Coffeemaker by Neuroshop


The smart coffee machine from Neuroshop works through the Neuroshop app, and payment is made through the buyer's bank card, which is linked to the account. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the buying process. The system can be installed both in a configuration with a smart Neuroshop fridge, and as a separate system that will serve as a mini coffee shop. The convenience of such a Smart Coffeemaker from Neuroshop is the ability to receive coffee quickly and without queues: you just need to activate the coffee machine through the app, select the desired drink and instantly pay for the order through the bank card linked to the account.


The main advantages of smart coffee machines


There are many reasons why smart coffee machines are right for your business. Firstly, they fit perfectly into any space and take up little space, be it an office, a shopping center or a government institution. Secondly, the process of making a cup of coffee takes no more than 40 seconds, this significantly saves time, and does not create queues at all, thereby minimizing contacts between customers.


What's more, it's important to understand that Neuroshop smart coffee machines are much more durable than conventional home coffee machines, as they are designed for a long service life and specific operating conditions.


Multifunctional sale point from Neuroshop


Neuroshop offers various options for installing micromarkets, for example, a smart fridge of the selected configuration, a microwave oven for warming up food, a coffee machine that accepts payments by card and smartphone, the Neuroshop mobile application, an admin panel with analytics and statistics.


This combination of variations creates a multifunctional stand-alone sale point. This is an extremely convenient system that allows owners to provide their customers with a full range of services in one place, thereby saving resources on the separate installation of different mechanisms.


If you want to impress your customers and offer them something special, a delicious cup of coffee is a great solution that will increase your customers' loyalty.


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