Neuroshop for business: 5 benefits

Firstly you need to understand what kind of smart fridges are.


A smart fridge is a great alternative to usual vending machines. The system goal is to automate the buying process as much as possible, provide users with fresh and tasty food in different places and revolutionize the retail industry.


How do smart fridges work?

Smart fridge by Neuroshop works on the principle of scanning a QR code by users through a special app, after that users are authorized, the fridge is unlocked, and users can select the right goods. Each product is automatically scanned and paid on the front of the fridge.


Product tracking

The smart fridge monitors stock levels, analyzes the results and identifies high-demand products in order to further increase the number of sales and automate the inventory management process using RFID technology.


Successful marketing solutions

In addition to improving turnover and increasing the profitability of your business, AI is used to track inventory. AI helps predict future trends based on customer behavior.


Easy growth and fast payback

Unlike traditional business models, the smart fridge can be installed anywhere without the need to rent an entire retail space. Smart fridges can be installed in various locations: in offices, business centers, fitness clubs, clinics, universities and schools, shopping centers and other public institutions. Mostly, customers buy 90% of the products per day, and the payback period of such fridges is on average 3 months.


Way to client

Smart fridges by Neuroshop are based on new payment methods and client-friendly design. After choosing a payment method, customers open the fridge door and choose the food they want to buy (unlike traditional snack machines, where customers pay for the product first and then receive it, risking it getting stuck in the machine)


Security and remote control

Smart Fridge by Neuroshop is equipped with a modern security system with video surveillance, motion sensors, a siren to prevent theft, vandalism and other situations. Owners anytime can track and analyze sales at a specific point, or across the entire network using a personal account. In addition, it's possible to remotely monitor the temperature inside the fridge to prevent food spoilage.


Neuroshop is a great business solution that will not only bring immediate benefits, satisfy customers, but also fundamentally change the way retail works and speed up the buying process.