Vending machines

What are vending machines? How do they work and how can they improve human life?


Vending machines "smart fridges" are Neuroshop products in the field of stand-alone sales. With them users can quickly and easily buy fresh breakfasts and lunches without cashiers in the Neuroshop app.

A smart fridge is a great alternative to traditional vending machines. The system goal is to automate the shopping process as much as possible, provide users with fresh and tasty food in a variety of places, moreover, around the clock, and revolutionize the retail industry.


How smart fridges work


Neurosop Smart fridge works on the principle of scanning a QR code by users through a special app, after that the user is authorized, the refrigerator is unlocked, and the desired goods are selected. Each item is automatically scanned on the front of the machine, and then payment is made.


Why does the retail industry need sales without staff?


Customer self-service is a common thing now. Not all retailers can open a separate point of sale and quickly implement a sales process. Against this backdrop, Neuroshop standalone POS has several advantages:


  • There is no need to rent a separate marketplace to sell products;

  • There are no costs for additional personnel (cashiers, security);

  • The ability to install the system almost anywhere;

  • Reducing the cost of technical maintenance of the system and electricity;

  • The ability to remotely track everything that happens in the smart fridge through a special app for owners.


Where is the best place to install the Neuroshop vending machine?


First of all, it is worth identifying the target audience and proceeding on their needs.

Vending machines for the sale of drinks, quick snacks, and even full-fledged meals of sweets, with the ability to pay through the application are the best option for all target groups.


The next important step is checking competitors and familiarizing yourself with their range. A shopping or business center, an office, a cinema, a university, government agencies, a bus station, a store, a gas station is a standard set of places where there is a constant flow of people. The fast pace of life is forcing consumers to look for quick snack options to pass the time during the break. This provides owners of smart fridges from Neuroshop with a stable profit.


Remote control in Smart Fridge


 Fully managed smart fridge provide owners with remote inventory control, as well as notify of technical errors and system irregularities. You just need to download a special Neuroshop application for owners. This allows you to be aware of what is happening at your store 24/7.


What's next?


What is the future of vending machines? Vending machines have long been considered one of the ways to get your favorite food in a variety of places. The reality is that smart refrigerators can do much more while being safer and more convenient.

In the future, smart vending machines will have no limits. They will be used to sell a large amount of items. Whether it's clothing, food, medicine, or even cars, don't be surprised if the next time you stumble upon a vending machine, you find something unexpectable.


Commercial Neuroshop Smart fridges 


As a developer of innovative retail solutions, Neuroshop introduces smart vending machines that can be a great replacement for traditional ones.


The NEUROSHOP company sells vending machines at affordable prices. By ordering a vending machine from us, you will receive a high quality service. This will help increase income for vending business and provide excellent customer service.