Food vending machines

A huge variety of products are presented in vending machines today. It's easier to say which products you can not find in them. Modern vending machines from Neuroshop are as easy to use (for customers) and in management (for owners) as possible, equipped with a security system, compared to standard retail stores, they are inexpensive, and, if with right installation, bring a stable income.


Neuroshop vending machines advantages:


  • minimum starting investment;

  • an easy way to organize business processes;

  • remote control in real time;

  • work without direct human participation;

  • access 24/7;

  • minimum rent (smart  fridges occupy a small area);

  • when choosing a good place for installation - stable profit and the prospect of network development.


Food vending machines from Neuroshop do not require large areas for installation, about 1-2 sq. m. This significantly saves resources for rent, and expands the possibilities of locations for installation.


Vending machines security


An important factor before installing smart fridges is access to a stable electrical and Internet connection. This will allow the vending machine to be connected to remote control, which will help the owners to control the operation in the store from any place.


To prevent acts of vandalism and theft in Neuroshop vending machines, they are equipped with a modern security system, which includes:


  • CCTV Cameras;

  • door opening control sensors;

  • motion sensors;

  • scales for additional control (determine what is taken out of the refrigerator).


In the event of such situations, the system automatically blocks the machine, and a notification is sent to the owner. In addition, the system constantly analyzes the number of products in the vending machine, and informs the owner if there is a need to replenish stocks.


Ease of use, efficiency and demand for such vending machines on the market prompted the technology company Neuroshop to actively integrate them into the system of city services, including in the city of Kiev. We provide various types of vending machines, depending on the specifics of the business and owners preferences. By ordering a vending machine for food in Neuroshop, you will receive high quality service and discover a new business area that can bring a lot of benefits to you and your customers.