How to Get a Boodfood Franchise and Why It's Profitable

Franchising is a way of developing a business in which you get the right to use a successful brand, know-how and support from the franchisor. Franchising allows you to start your business with minimal risks and costs.

One of the most promising areas of franchising is smart vending - the sale of goods through automated refrigerators without cashiers. This format has many advantages: savings on rent, staff and logistics; convenience for the buyer; a wide range of goods; the ability to analyze consumer behavior.

Neuroshop is a Ukrainian company that offers the Boodfood smart refrigerator franchise. Neuroshop uses smart technology to recognize products, which allows you to automatically deduct funds from the buyer's card when the refrigerator doors are closed. Neuroshop also has its own mobile application through which you can view the availability of goods in refrigerators and receive personalized offers.


To get a Boodfood franchise, you need to:

  • Fill out an application on the website
  • Choose the format of cooperation: franchising under the Boodfood brand or white label (under your own brand)
  • Install refrigerators in pre-agreed locations
  • Control the operation of refrigerators through the online panel


With a Boodfood Franchise, you can count on:

  • Full access to the know-how and suppliers of Boodfood
  • Access to all suppliers of goods
  • Recommendations for merchandising and product display planogram to maximize sales
  • Marketing support and assistance with the organization of work processes
  • High income and fast return on investment


Why the Boodfood Franchise is Profitable


The Boodfood franchise has many benefits for an entrepreneur looking to invest in smart vending. Here are some of them:

  • Low entry threshold. You can start your business with one refrigerator and gradually expand the network. The cost of one refrigerator is $3,200, and there are no royalties or lump-sum fees.
  • High margin. The average profitability of one refrigerator is 30%, and the average check is 70 hryvnia. On the day one refrigerator usually serves from 50 customers.
  • Innovative development. Boodfood uses unique product recognition technologies to ensure quick purchases and secure payments. Boodfood also analyzes consumer behavior and offers personalized recommendations.



As you can see, the Boodfood franchise is a great opportunity for those who want to have their own modern and promising smart vending business. If you are interested in this direction, do not delay and fill out an application on the website Join the team of market leaders!