How much profit do smart micromarket owners get from Neuroshop?

Our partners' income, who provide ready-made food to Neuroshop smart fridges, on average ranges from 10,000 to 120,000 hryvnia from one micromarket per month. The total income depends on the micromarket location, the advertising effectiveness, marketing efforts, product quality, and the brand business model.


In addition, income depends on the regions and people who use the Neuroshop smart fridges. In 2021, a micromarket is only a small part of the retail field, but at the same time it is the most progressive and interesting way to sell, especially during the pandemic.


Let's take a look at three important factors influencing the revenue of Neuroshop micromarkets:


1. Average check


Everything depends on the pricing policy of your micromarket, which determines the final income. For example, the average check in micromarkets across Ukraine is 80 UAH. Unlikely, that will help you calculate your future income. But if you know the exact figure in each region, this is more than possible.


2. The number of people who will use the Neuroshop micromarkets


Micromarket statistic shows us - there are 20 to 25 sales in a office from 100 people per day. If there are fewer sales, you should check the quality of the partners' products or change the location.


3. Product selection


It is important to assess the characteristics of the target audience before installing a micromarket from Neuroshop,. After that, it is worth choosing a supplier of quality products. The responsibility for low-quality products is borne primarily by the owners of micromarkets, and not the suppliers of finished products.


Also, don't forget about the fullness and visual component of products in smart fridges. You must have an efficient supply chain so that the fridge is always stocked with the right products. Research shows that empty shelves alienate consumers and make them question their choices.


Are you interested in the vending business and want to become part of it? Leave a request on the Neuroshop website and we will help you to select and install Smart fridges anywhere in Ukraine right now.