Self-service coffee machines

Self-service coffee machines are one of the most popular types of vending machines. Coffee machines account for about 65%. In this article, we will look at the main points of the vending business of coffee machines, the best locations to install and how they work.


Coffee vending is one of the most demanded types of vending business. The principle of operation of hot drinks vending machines is simple - they work completely autonomously, without a seller, you just need to select the desired drink and pay for it in a special application, or by card. If you choose the right location for installation, vending machines can bring a stable income, and pay off in less than a year of work.


Market analysis


To begin with, it is worth evaluating all the possible pros and cons of a business. This will help to foresee what difficulties the owner may face, and which type of vending is best suited to the characteristics of your product. The main advantage of smart vending is fully automated trading, with which you can significantly save money. But the disadvantage is associated with a good choice of the location of the vending machine. It is important to remember here that the higher the passability of the point, the better the income.


Pros and cons of vending coffee machines


Coffee machines are the most popular types of vending machines, since their operation does not require large expenses and is in great demand on the market. It is also fast, affordable and reliable for consumers to use.


  • the format of the vending machine is easy to operate and maintain, therefore it is excellent for selling coffee;

  • coffee from vending machines is several times cheaper than in public catering, but no less of a higher quality.

  • coffee machines do not take up a lot of sales space, they are very compact and can be placed anywhere.


Multifunctional point of sale from Neuroshop


Neuroshop offers various options for setting up micromarkets. For example, it can be a completely autonomous point of sale of Coffeemaker coffee, or a Smart configuration of a refrigerator, microwave for heating food.

This combination of variations creates a multifunctional stand-alone point of sale. This is an extremely convenient system that allows owners to provide their customers with a full range of services in one place, thereby saving resources on the separate installation of different mechanisms.


If you want to impress your customers and offer them something special, such a pleasant additional service as a delicious cup of coffee is a great solution that will increase your customers' loyalty.


The NEUROSHOP company sells coffee vending machines with delivery across Ukraine. By ordering a vending machine from us, you will receive a high quality service.