Micromarket Locations: Great Installation Options

Smart micromarkets are a relatively new way of retail, and that's why not everyone who wants to build such a business knows what to highlight before starting.


The global market of micromarkets is growing rapidly. But Ukraine lags behind the world indicators. For example, in Europe there are 100 people for one micromarket, in Japan - 23, and in Ukraine - about 2 thousands.


One of the most common questions from an entrepreneur: where to install the micro market for the greatest benefit and quick return on investment?


We have collected for you the top 5 places for micro markets to get the maximum profit from them:


Shopping centers

The main advantage of shopping centers for installing Smart fridges from Neuroshop is a huge hungry potential customers flow. Course, most shopping centers have food courts with a variety of snack options, but micromarkets with ready, fresh food are much faster and more convenient. In addition, it will save on rent and wages for employees.


 Educational institutions / student campuses


Higher education institutions are 30% of potential new business for micromarkets now. Ordinary student canteens are not interesting, and the quality of the products in them is far from satisfactory. Therefore, the campus is a great place with a huge number of students who spend most of their time there and like snacks.


Government institutions


Today, government institutions account for 10% of the smart fridges market. The biggest problem is security and regulations here. Such places require very high safety standards, and it is rather difficult to agree on the installation of micro markets. But if you  win the tender, this place can be very successful and profitable. The consumer base in government institutions can be huge, and basically there are no places to eat nearby.


Offices / coworking spaces

Installing Smart fridges from Neuroshop in offices is a separate topic for discussion.


Pros for both employees and employers:


  • There is no need to look for where to have a quick and quality lunch.

  • Saving time during breaks, as a result, less fatigue during the working day.

  • Positive emotions from employees to the employer, who provides such comfort right into the office.

  • Employees can forget about bowls and bags for food.




Hotels account for 33% of the current or potential market for smart fridges. Safety is also important here. But if you can replace a manned store at a reception with a micromarket, consumers will have a better shopping experience.


Apartment complexes


This variant for micromarkets is most in demand by buyers in the current situation due to the quarantine and self-isolation regime. This will help people spend this time more comfortably, for example: don't wait for the delivery of bread if only bread is needed for a sandwich, and don't cook every time, but just go downstairs at home and buy everything you need.


Knowing the best place to install a Smart fridge from Neuroshop will help set up your business effectively from the first day and win the attention and recognition of consumers. In addition, unconventional locations for installing smart fridges may be the best option in this field.