Why should you choose Neuroshop smart fridge?

The Neuroshop smart fridge can help retailers:


  • Improve operational efficiency with dynamic inventory management


Neuroshop vending machines are equipped with artificial intelligence systems to manage inventory, thereby helping retailers better understand the rate at which goods are being consumed or the demand for certain products. In this way, Neuroshop owners can save resources and ensure constant access to certain products that are in the highest demand.


  • Increase sales revenue with data


Thanks to its innovative inventory tracking system, Neuroshop smart fridge can predict future shopping trends in a particular micromarket. Moreover, the smart fridge can help retailers identify the right places to place new items. Thus, the sales and income of the business are increased.


  • Increase brand awareness in new locations


In addition, the new Neuroshop vending machine invites retailers to scale their business and expand their sales reach. Installation of vending machines requires relatively minimal investment. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar store owner who wants to increase your target audience and serve more customers, or an online store that wants to enter the real market, the Neuroshop smart fridge will help you with this.


  • Provide comfort with simple, fully automated controls


The Neuroshop smart fridge provides a fully automated payment process for consumers. Customers are identified through a mobile application, and the system automatically charges for the selected product through the account and card data that are automatically linked to it. With each subsequent login to the account, there is no need to re-enter the card details, and this significantly saves the client's time.


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