Advantages and disadvantages of vending machines on the market



Various payment methods


In addition to traditional forms of cash payment, payment functions are integrated in Neuroshop vending machines via the Neuroshop app. This feature helps provide convenience and creates a modern buying and selling experience.




Smart fridge from Neuroshop has a compact size, doesn't take up much space and makes it easy to move. 24/7 automatic operation makes it easy to manage anywhere and anytime. 


Easy control


Vending machines work automatically 24/7, so you don't have to waste time managing and operating them. It is only important to schedule good maintenance in the event of a problem and a daily schedule for replenishing the fridge.


In addition, you can easily control the operation of the machine using the built-in control software on your computer or smartphone. This feature allows you to track revenue, products, and ads.


Various types of vending machines


On the Neuroshop website, you can easily choose a model of a vending machine, whether it be a smart fridge, or a smart coffee machine of different configurations, depending on the specifics of the business.


Vending machines disadvantages


Traditional vending machines are usually located in various places and work automatically without outside interference, so there is a problem of detecting fraud or system compromise.


Smart fridges from Neuroshop also have an excellent solution for it - they are equipped with reliable security systems with motion sensors, cameras, sirens, that allows you to remotely monitor around the clock and be able to protect your business and minimize risks.


Vending machines have many advantages and are excellent for modern society development, thus attracting many investors.


To find suitable business solutions, maximize benefits and minimize disadvantages, contact Neuroshop. Neuroshop specialists will answer all your questions about choosing a product category, location and suggest the best options.