Micromarket network

The Ukrainian company Neuroshop develops various platforms for trading without personnel. The company wants to develop a network of smart autonomous sales points in Ukraine.


The principle of micromarkets operation from Neuroshop


Neuroshop smart fridges work through the Neuroshop app, which significantly changes the traditional approach to shopping. Through the app, you can easily pay for the desired product, you just need to log in to your account. The demand for contactless payments increased significantly in 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic. In addition, this method of payment increases the whole check for a purchase by 15-20%, because in most cases, today people pay by card.


Convenience of the Neuroshop micromarkets


The main goal of Neuroshop is to create technological solutions that can fundamentally change and improve customer experience. For example, working in an office with a micromarket, an employee can simply take the food they want and pay for it on the spot. Such mobility makes it possible to install micromarkets not only in offices, but also in shopping and business centers, residential buildings, and even at various events (meetings, conferences, corporate parties). It is only important to constantly fill the fridges depending on customer preferences and demand.


Development of our own micromarket network


One micromarket is good, but for scaling your business or promoting the brand, it would be a great idea to install several micromarkets at once in different places. This will allow you to track shopping trends immediately on the spot, and get closer to potential customers. In addition, the Neuroshop micromarkets are equipped with remote control systems that will facilitate the process of tracking the operation of smart fridges, simplify the analysis of customer demand for certain products, in order to be able to make smarter decisions about filling the micromarket.


 It is also important to note that it takes no more than 48 hours to install the Neuroshop micromarket system, and this will allow you to quickly expand the sales geography and install micromarkets anywhere you need.


Now we see many positive trends in the market with good prospects for the installation of micromarkets, as well as significant influence of new technologies, so that the forecasts for the future of the industry remain optimistic.