Vending machines

Today consumers want to get an excellent experience from a product or service, and the fast modern life with the digital technologies contribute to the development of smart vending – autonomous trade without sellers.


World Vending Machine Market 


The 2019 statistics show that there are more than 5 million vending machines in Europe, with an average of about $20 billion in revenue per year. For example, in Japan there are about 5.6 million machines, in the USA - 15.4 million. Unfortunately, the vending business in Ukraine is almost undeveloped. It is estimated that in 2019 about 10,000 vending machines were installed in the country. This is only 5% of the possible market. Therefore, Neuroshop is actively engaged in the development and installation of smart vending machines of various configurations and types.


Trends in Ukraine


Analysts' forecast regarding the Ukrainian market is very encouraging - the number of vending machines is estimated at about 300,000. The main problems of the development of vending machines in Ukraine are outdated payment methods (many vending machines have not yet connected to cashless payments). Difficulties in servicing equipment are also a common problem, for example, the need to constantly check stocks of goods.


Innovative technologies in the world of vending from Neuroshop


The market changes entail new innovative technologies that can solve many problems. For example, Neuroshop has developed stand-alone smart fridges and coffee machines with a modern cashless payment system. This technology allows you to pay for the purchase instantly after choosing the product using the Neuroshop app on your smartphone.


Also, for the owners of a Neuroshop vending machine, the business process has become much faster and better with the help of a remote control system. This system allows you to control your sales point 24/7, without the need to constantly be on the spot. The control takes place automatically through a special app for owners, which is connected to the vending machine. The owner can track inventory levels, the security system and income from each store.


The NEUROSHOP sells vending machines at the most affordable price. By ordering a vending machine from us, you will receive high quality service and satisfied customers.