Smart fridges from Neuroshop for offices



1. Low costs


Vending machines don't need staff to operate, and there is no need to spend money on salaries or other hiring costs. In addition to being able to operate 24/7, vending machines also consume a small amount of electricity to operate. In general, it helps to reduce overhead costs for your company.


2. The staff is always at the workplace


The opportunity to have a delicious lunch right in the office will help increase the productivity of work efforts, especially if it is located relatively far from shops.


Moreover, it will increase staff involvement level during the lunch break and raise their morale and interest. It is a known fact that higher employee engagement leads to a 26% increase in business profitability.


3. Additional profit


Vending machines from Neuroshop are very reliable in their work. Add to that their low overhead, and you can determine that vending machines are a useful income source. It is also worth considering the savings, since there is no need to open a separate cafeteria or provide the office with meals.




4. Well-fed employees = happy employees


We all love delicious food. It is one of the greatest pleasures in life and the necessary "fuel" for normal human life. Easy access to food and drink keeps employees happy and motivated to work. They feel care from the employer.


5. Staff personal preferences 


Smart fridge from Neuroshop can be equipped with any product, based on the employees preferences. For example, healthy meals for those who eat a balanced diet. It's time to forget that vending machines are just quick snacks, chips and Coca-Cola. Healthy workplace promotion is a vital element of corporate culture.


6. Life optimization


In general, to drink coffee in a coffee shop takes up to 6 minutes. And it’s without time for the road. As a result, employees lose time that they can spend on the job. With smart coffee machines from Neuroshop, you can get a latte in just 20 seconds!


Vending machines will help you optimize your life and make your work day much more productive.


7. Quality, not quantity


Vending machines enable you to work the way you like. A canteen with its own service schedule can hinder productivity, such as disrupting meetings or interrupting the creative flow to come back and forth.


With smart fridges from Neuroshop, food and drinks are available anytime, 24 hours a day. You and your employees can build your day based on your personal needs and desires.


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