AI-based vending machines from Neuroshop

AI-based Neuroshop vending machines offer store owners and food sellers an easy and convenient way to make their products available to consumers and help to improve the quality of service for customers who want a quick bite.


If you want to introduce an additional sales channel into your business, we offer you high-quality and affordable smart Neuroshop fridges.


Neuroshop offers our customers customized intelligent vending machine systems. And the usage of modern technologies based on artificial intelligence helps enterprises and brands in the retail sector to simplify the process of promoting their products and expand their business through an additional sales channel.


Neuroshop vending machines help you collect analytics from real-time inventory data, automate your self-service process, and make payments easy but secure.


How does Smart Fridge Neuroshop work?


Neuroshop vending machines' goal is to generate and develop solutions that make life easier for both brands and consumers. Our state-of-the-art vending machines operate by identifying consumers through payment systems. It can be a bank card, QR code, or a mobile app. Once identity is verified, the fridge door opens and customers can select the item they want.


In addition, an RFID tag is attached to each product inside the fridge. The Neuroshop vending machine monitors the movement in the system. As soon as the user closes the vending machine door after selecting a product, an automatic inventory takes place. And the payment for the product is automatically charged from the consumer's bank card, which is linked to the consumer's account.


What's more, connecting the smart fridge to AI improves security, provides real-time inventory monitoring, tracks expiration dates for all items, and enables dynamic pricing based on sales levels. With a smart refrigerator from Neuroshop, your business can easily and efficiently serve a large number of customers, helping you avoid queues and other problems during the shopping process.


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