Neuroshop Smart fridges security system

The main problem of vending machine owners is theft and vandalism. For this reason, vending machines must be equipped with their own security system to protect products and to minimize or even eliminate the need for additional security personnel.


That's why Smart fridges from Neuroshop are equipped with a modern security system:


  • Cameras

  • Door opening sensors

  • Motion sensors

  • Temperature sensors

  • Scales for additional control

  • Siren


But the main advantage of this system is a remote control. The system works 24/7, and the owners can control everything that happens with the Neuroshop Smart fridge via a special app. In addition, the system instantly sends notifications if there are problems with the Internet connection or power, and can automatically block. Firstly, it allows you to be aware of what is happening inside and outside the smart fridge, secondly, to secure partners' products, and thirdly, to save costs on security personnel.


A multi-level user authentication is carried out using its own scoring model and anti-fraud system. The system is based on big data and machine learning, statistical models are built using the possible set of available information about potential clients. This model helps to assess the consumer as objectively as possible and create his “rating”, identify and analyze transactions, and accurately identify fraudulent transactions and to protect the owner.


The positive or negative client "rating" is determined through client information analysis ( this is more than 100 parameters from each transaction). All data is stored in a special database to prevent fraud in the future.


In addition, there is no need for employees to track fraudulent transactions, and spend extra money.