Buy micromarkets in the "NEUROSHOP" company in Ukraine

Neuroshop Micromarkets


Recently, the format of automated points of sale of various products, micromarkets, has become very popular. This type of trading system is rapidly replacing traditional vending machines from shopping and business centers, office premises, government agencies, gyms and other locations with a constant stream of potential customers. Micromarkets are a very fast retail sector, which in its work uses modern technologies of self-service, automatic payment, security and completely independent work without sellers and cashiers.


The principle of operation of micromarkets from Neuroshop


Buying in micromarkets is as simple and fast as possible. After choosing a product, the buyer opens the refrigerator and takes the goods he needs from the refrigerator, after which the payment takes place through the Neuroshop application. To work in the application, the client only needs to download it to his smartphone, create an account, add bank cards for payment. This greatly simplifies the purchase process, since the system automatically remembers the user and his data. In addition, the buyer has the opportunity to personally evaluate the product, as well as change his choice, even before the payment is made. This significantly increases the level of customer confidence.


Neuroshop micromarkets are much more profitable than traditional vending machines


  • The total cost of micromarket systems and their maintenance is significantly lower than the price of a conventional vending machine.
  • The absence of mechanical components makes Neuroshop micromarkets much more reliable and durable.
  • The device of micromarkets enables owners to offer customers a huge selection of products that cannot always be found in vending machines. It can even be ready-made dishes: soups, salads, cereals, fresh baked goods. A large number of products increase the level of engagement of potential customers.


Micromarket solutions for users and owners


In most offices and business centers, very often there is really nowhere to eat deliciously, so micromarkets from Neuroshop will be an excellent replacement for old vending machines, or simply a useful innovation that will provide people with full meals and breakfasts right at the workplace. For owners, micromarkets are a great chance to multiply their fortune several times in a short time with minimal installation and further maintenance costs.


By ordering a micromarket from us, you will receive high quality service and the love of your customers.